Ammonia Compressor

  High Speed Ammonia Compressors Maxcool Ammonia Compressor is the unique result of our long experience and continuous joint venture with team work spirit of our R & D section by using the latest machines, assembling and process control techniques to match the stringent quality standards and are tested and subjected to strict test conditions to maintain the high standards of reliability over competition.

As the time of developing our recent Power Economy Product Maxcool Ammonia Compressor we closely and carefully studied the wastage area of Gas in the existing available Ammonia Compressor model and improved our recently developed product MAX COOL Ammonia Compressor by vanishing the wastage of Gas and have developed the following sizes of MAX COOL Ammonia Compressor showing their Power Saving in Comparison with the presently available Ammonia Compressor as per the chart given below.

images/arrow-right-hr.png Ammonia Compressor
images/products/1.jpg valves available for ammonia / freon refrigerant in various size and application. All valves are as per IS 11132 standard and are guaranteed against manufacturing defects and performance.

1 Flanged ends Size 1/2" To 6"
2 Screwed ends Size 1/4" To 2"

Globe ( Straight & Angle ) Check valves ( Non Return ), Needle ( Hand Expansion ), Flot Valve Assly, Strainers, Gauge Glass Valve, Safety Relief Valve.

Castle make ball valves available from 1/2" To 5" suitale for AMMONIA / FREON and other liquid media in socket


KIRLOSKAR : KC Series, AC-70 / 80, PC-2, Fk-3 & FK-4 Series
SABROE : SMC 100-65 Series
YORK : JS Series V/W Series
TRANE : E & F Series
STAL / ALFA LAVAL : P & U Series are 216, 232, 464.

Owing to the technological advancements, we are supplying a vast range of ammonia compressors. These compressors are extensively used for industrial refrigeration, cooling towers, industrial cooling plants & varied applications.
images/arrow-right-hr.png Oil Pump
images/products/2.jpg Rang Refrigeration & Engineers has achieved a major landmark to have the widest range of oil pump assembly suitable for low speed high speed compressors. All precision operations are done on CNC machines to achieve the best quality standards and performance. All pumps are 100Percent tested on specially designed testing equipment. All Gears are machined on special teeth cutting machines and duly nitrated.
images/arrow-right-hr.png Crankshaft
images/products/3.jpg Rang Refrigeration & Engineers offers Dye forged Dye Casted crankshaft. We offer SG - 600 / G Grade Crankshaft as per international standards. All Crankshafts undergo crack detection test at two stages. All Crankshaft are dynamically balanced on Computerized machines to achieve highest quality standards.

Range : Carrier, 5H, 5F, 06D, Sabroe, SMC, CMO, T-CMO, Grasso, Bitzer, Trane, Kirloskar, Voltas. Crank shafts are available for both the type of compressor that is Air cooled & Water cooled unit.

Materials-metallic, Alloy, SGI castings, drop forged.
Engineered to exacting OEM specifications.
Manufactured from S.G.Iron & Open Forged High Tensile Steel equivalent to OEM standard & grade.
Custom Engineered to meet any abnormal operating condition.
Controlled finishing and Clearance.
Dynamically Balanced.
Assuring ideal condition for Proper Operation.
Dynamically Balanced.

Guaranteed safe, dependable, long life.
Meets or exceeds specifications.
Confidence in finished product.
Elimites hidden flaws unnecessary breakdown.
Match, exceed specifications for any application.

images/arrow-right-hr.png Cylinder Liner
images/products/4.jpg Rang Refrigeration & Engineers offers Graded cast iron centrifugally casted Cylinder Liners. All our Cylinder Liners are centrifugally casted from in house Electric Furnace to maintain strict raw materials composition standards.
SHELL MOULDED Dye cast Cylinder Liners is our specialty.
All Cylinder liners undergo Flower honing Process on specialized Honing machine.
Detailed Product Description
Features of cylinder liners

Quality assured.
Exacting specifications.

Features of cylinder liners
Quality assured.
Exacting specifications.
Induction hardening where proper.
Competitive Price.

Benefits of cylinder liners :
Guaranteed safe, dependable, long life.
Match or exceeds specifications for any application.
Confidence in finished product.
Elimites hidden flaws unnecessary breakdown.
Longer life, lesser wear.
images/arrow-right-hr.png CR Bearings
images/products/5.jpg We are specialized in Bimetal, Trimetal, white metal, Aluminum Alloy Main C.R. Bearings and Brushes, Thrust washers, thrust pads. Rang Refrigeration & Engineers has marketed Exported Main and C.R.Bearings for compressors. We offer graded 90Percent White Metal Compressor Bearings as per ISI standards. The Steel Backings are of Low Carbon Stainless Steel for higher load bearing capacity. We provide 3 micron I.D. finish to allow the Bearings work friction less achieve higher performance.
images/arrow-right-hr.png Valve Assembly
images/products/6.jpg Rang Refrigeration & Engineers has the Technical know how and Expertise to achieve the Highest Quality of valve plates. Rang Refrigeration & Engineers offers valve plates From 5mm to 15mm thickness. Rang Refrigeration & Engineers offers Graded cast Iron Plates also the latest technology cast steel plates in small thickness .

All our plates are surface grinded micro lapped. The discharge value assemblies are also manufactured of Graded Cast iron to withstand High temperature and High Pressures. All our valve plates valve Assemblies undergo 100% inspection for Flatness and Leak Test. Rang Refrigeration & Engineers has the widest range of Valve plates, Spring plates Finger valve plates manufactured from SANDVIK Material.
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