Need of Refrigeration in Today’s World

Nowadays, the need of refrigeration is not just limited to only household applications, but its applications are wide spread in different industries in accordance to its requirement. From many years, refrigeration is used by people as their prime necessity to keep food and other things fresh and in good condition. With invention in technology in every field, refrigeration systems also get a modern touch to be more energy-efficient, superior in performance with best cooling effect. Even for a sea voyage, marine refrigeration systems have overcome the difficulties of the people to keep their things fresher while travelling.

Need for Marine Refrigeration

Basically, refrigeration is a term used to describe the process that removes heat from objects or materials or spaces and keep them at a temperature lower than that of the room (surrounding) temperature. The heat removal process helps in lower down the temperature and increasing cooling. Mainly, refrigeration system comprises evaporator, condenser, and thermostatic expansion valve, as well as a capacity control system, receiver and compressor parts as key elements of the system.

It mainly requires for perishable goods to maintain its quality and freshness. Today, there are several industrial and commercial needs of refrigeration as follows.

- In addition to the food and dairy industries, refrigeration systems are widely applicable to many other industries for different purposes such as pharmaceutical industry, fisheries industry, chemical industry, air conditioning plants and many more.

- A marine refrigeration system becomes essential on board ship as it travels in sea for a long time and need to keep food, cargo, drinks and many more things in optimal conditions. High quality marine refrigeration system works best to well-maintained food and drinks as well as the cargo quality in the voyage.

- For large storage of food and other perishable items, block ice plants are widely used in Food Industry, Pharmaceutical Industry, Healthcare Industry and other places such as Super Markets, shopping Malls, bars, etc.

- Moreover, chilling plant is very useful for several industrial applications in different industries such as dairy industry, chemical, plastic processing, oil cooling, pharmaceuticals, lubricant and many others.

There are broad application areas of refrigeration system like it is used by oil refineries, petrochemical plants to maintain some processes at low temperature based on its specific requirements. To lower down temperature in order to keep temperature-sensitive foodstuff and other goods well-maintained, refrigeration is necessary during transportation. Thus, refrigeration systems including marine refrigeration system become an essential need in today’s world in order to maintain the valuable items in good conditions during transport or for some specific processes.

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